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What is a Connecting Point?

You may ask: What is my purpose? The truth is, to make disciples of all men! We are told in Matthew 28:19 to “Go then to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples.” The premise is, there is no discipleship without relationship. Our challenge is in relationship, to God & to one another, which results in discipleship.


Connecting is the derivative of con which means together, connect to which means to bind, anding which is a suffix that expresses continuation. So our purpose, in other words, is to bind together continuously for the purpose of “making disciples of all men.” This means that each of you are released into the community to disciple and to be discipled quite naturally as you connect with God, with people,with the church and with the community.


Two of the exciting elements of Connecting Points are familiarity and passion. The Lord has given each of us gifts and talents. As a result, we each have a passion for something different. But, in that difference we find familiarity. Look around your church, community, and your neighborhoods for those who share your passions. Come experience the joy of ministering to each other and reaching out to those who have not been introduced to Him.


Now, take a walk through our Online Connecting Point Magazine or search our Connect Groups and discover the possibilities to enlarge your territories. Become a minister to all peoples. Also, I challenge you to create a Connecting Point where you too will minister in the next year. Remember,

“Go then to all peoples everywhere, and make them my disciples.” Matthew 28:19

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